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Pocket Diapers: Inky Black

Pocket Diapers: Inky Black

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Fully-adjustable, with a POCKET to hold your Doubler Pads and inserts!

A revolutionary pocket diaper with loads of features. This new design provides a comfortable and more adjustable fit. There is a built-in pocket which allows for the use of added cloth or disposable boosters.

Features a luxury bamboo inner lining while double leg gussets provide ultimate protection. The outer shell is both waterproof and breathable, making these comfortable all year round.

INCLUDES: 1 Pocket Diaper and 1 Bamboo Terry doubler pad

SIZING: One size. Waist range is 28-46 inches, but BEST fit would be 33-42 inches. 

MATERIAL: TPU outer, bamboo terry inner

CARE: Remove the absorbent insert from the inner pocket so that you have two separate pieces. Both the pocket diaper’s PUL outer and the absorbent insert can be washed together in a washing machine. Use a heavy duty, full wash cycle with warm (not hot) water and a residue, softener, bleach free detergent. Either hang both the diaper and insert up to dry or place them into the dryer on low temperature. Heavily soiled diapers may require a pre-wash with detergent prior to the main wash with detergent.

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