Protex No-Ship Dates

We are proud to be a small business, but even more so that we may offer time off for our employees. Whether making memories with family or enjoying some much-needed down time, here at Protex Medical we know that rested and happy employees equals HAPPY CUSTOMERS! 

*Orders are always accepted. These dates just mean orders will not be shipped out. Customer service during these dates will be available, but please give us a little extra time to get back to you.*



Wednesday, August 23 - Friday, August 25: No shipping

Monday, September 4: Labor Day (no shipping)

Friday, October 6 & Monday, October 9: Columbus Day (no shipping)

Friday, November 10 - Saturday November 11: Veteran's Day (no shipping)


Concerned your order may be delayed? Please give us a call at (210) 201-2164 OR email us at