Product Updates & Info

Unavailable: Double-Layered "Rustle" pants are no longer available to our supplier. If they become available in the future, we will restock them!
Price Increase: Unfortunately, the Fitted Cloth Diapers with Snaps have become too costly to restock. If you'd like to order them anyways, please let us know via email or phone. Also: The Silence Pants (various prints) have risen in price, so we will restock them as soon as costs decrease.
(Overnight Silence Pants are still available.)
Not Reordering At This Time: InControl Premium Nights Disposables and Lil' Bella Printed Disposables. Also not re-ordering: Pink Satin Rhumba pants. We can special order these if you'd like some! Just let us know via email or phone. 
Reversible Training Pant:  Sorry! Right now we can only get select sizes of this item. We know you love this 2-layered pant: 1 side flannel, 1 side plastic. These can still be custom ordered (see below) in various colors and prints but will be in the "BROOKS" style with uncovered elastics. 
Vintage 50's Baby Pant from Fetisso: 
These are now a seasonal item. This means we are only taking customer pre-orders and will receive those shipments twice a year. Fetisso is a company in Brazil, creating these unique pants from hand-poured latex, using a mold created by our founder, Bert Brooks. Please CLICK HERE for more info on the Vintage 50's pants.
Rubber News, July 2023: 
Unfortunately, we are unable to re-stock any Rubber Pants. This means our current inventory is the all we have, so if you see your favorites, please purchase them NOW! 
Included: All Rubber Daytime, Low-Rise, Bloomers, Overnight Rubber, etc. 
Not included: Skin Tight Latex Pant in Almond
Custom Orders: 
Looking for something one-of-a-kind? We can create a diaper cover JUST FOR YOU. The options are virtually limitless...
  • High-rise (3" higher waist)
  • Low-rise (3" lower waist)
  • Colored lace added to the waist and/or legs
  • Extra layer of terry or flannel lining on plastic pants (various colors/prints)
  • Extended sizing: XXXS, XXS, and 3XL, 4XL, 5XL
  • Turning any Protex plastic cover into a Snap-Off cover

For more info or to place a custom order, please CLICK HERE