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    BACK IN STOCK ...right now!

    • Silver/Black Low-Cut comfort cover: Small
    • Comfort Rubber covers: Cream (M), Pink (M), Black (S, M)
    • Low-Cut Comfort Rubber covers: White (S, M), Cream (M, L)
    • The Silence Pant Breathable cover: Pink Butterflies print (XL, 2XL)
    • Comfort Smoothies: Glossy Pink (L), Glossy White (S)
    • Rubber Overnight LONG Bloomers: Cream (L), White (S,M,L), Sky Blue (S,M,L)
    • NEW PRODUCT: Healing Baby Powder from Rearz
    • Disposable Diaper 2 Packs: Turquoise Alpaca Print, Dinosaur Elite, Princess Pink Overnight (all prints: sizes M, L, XL)
    • Adult Bodysuit Onesies: Inky Black (XL), Powder Blue (L)
    • Protex "Frost" Cover: XL
    • Jumbo 3" Diaper Pins: Yellow Duckies & NEW: BLUE DUCKIES
    • #361: Nighttime Cloth Prefold Diapers: M, L, XL
    • Jumbo Mattress Protection Pads: Pink Sheep

    BACK IN STOCK July 5-7 (earlier! yay!)

    • Collector's Edition (covered elastic): White (M), Pink (XS, XL), Blue (M)
    • Collector's Edition Overnight (high-waist covered elastic): White (XL)
    • I Can't Believe it's Not Gerber (uncovered elastic): Lemon (M)
    • Low-Cut I Can't Believe it's Not Gerber: White (L)
    • Tuffy 8 Gauge Covered Elastic: Frosty Clear (XL)
    • Adult Bibs: Clear with Blue Edging, Sapphire with White Edging

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