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  • Skin-tight Latex Brief, almond color: Small
  • Bulky Overnight Rubber, LONG BLOOMER pant: Cream (L,XL), White (L), Sky Blue (M,L,XL)
  • Bulky Overnight Rubber: Cream (S,M) 

  • BACK IN STOCK September 26-28: 

    • Birdseye Daytime Adult Cloth Diaper: M & XL
    • Cloth Diaper Doublers made from Birdseye cotton 2-pk: M & L

    BACK IN STOCK October 10-12: 

    • #113 Skin Tight Latex almond pant: M & L
    • Long Rubber Bloomer Pant: White (M)
    • Low-Cut Comfort Rubber Pants: White (M) and Cream (S)
    • Comfort Smoothie pants: Glossy White (S,M,XL)
    • Felicity Pull-on Disposables: Medium (M/L) size 2 packs 

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