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Back in Stock... Right Now!
  • #350 Bulky Nighttime Cloth Diaper w/ velcro-style tabs: L/XL
  • Rearz MEGA Disposable Diapers: Daydreamer (Medium)
  • Fixx Adult size 10 Pacifiers: Light Blue & White Cloud
  • Adult Paci Clips: Pink Elephants & Aqua Love Bears
  • Enigma Adult Pacifiers: Pink & Lime
  • #350 Bulky Nighttime Cloth Diaper w/ velcro-style tabs: S/M and M/L
  • Rearz MEGA Disposable Diapers: Daydreamer (L), Critter Caboose (XL), Mega Inspire+ (XL)
  • Shimmery "Pearl" Plastic Pants: M & XL
  • Rearz Healing Baby Powder - talc free!
  • Set of 3 pacifiers (size 6) - blue/green/yellow set
  • Adult Glass Baby Bottles - classic clear
  • Adult Training Pants: White Cloud (S), Dinosaurs (L, 2XL)
  • #361 Nighttime Prefold Flat Cloth Diapers: S, M, L, 2XL
  • Jumbo 3" Diaper Pins: Pink Ducks, Yellow Ducks

Back in Stock April 16-18:

  • "Smoothie" Long Bloomer pants: White with pink elastics (S,L)
  • #113 Form-Fitting Latex pant in almond (S,M,XL,2XL)
  • Adult Diaper Wraps - pink

Back in Stock June 2024: Vintage 50's Baby Pants & Bloomers (Latex) - only for customers with pre-paid orders


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