Feedback from Real Customers...

(from our mailbag & edited for customers' privacy)

"Thank you again, Allison for your excellent customer service, prompt
shipping and handling and great products."

"I’m very satisfied with the (Tuffy)Protex 8 gauge plastic pants. They have made me feel safe and secure when I go out anywhere I wear them over my cloth pull on diapers. And wear the plastic pants at night over my diapers at bedtime. Thank you for such a great product. I wish your company Many years of success"

"Thank you very much, I love your products, discounts, and discrete delivery."

"Thank you,for such a quick response to my problem. I really appreciate doing business with a high integrity company. Thank you."

"Dear Protex: I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate doing business with your company! So many products I did not know was available in my
current health situation! And such caring people! I was VERY PLEASED with my recent order when I received it and am delighted I have found a company with whom to do business! I will be making more purchases in the future and am VERY IMPRESSED with your products and quality of products! Ease of ordering, price, quality and the variety of products have sold me on your company."

"I want to thank you for your online store and for all you make available to us. While other companies have decreased or even curtailed plastic pant inventory and selection, you have a nice offering. At 73, I’ve been a plastic pant lover since age 6 when I discovered a sibling’s Gerber pants. (OH those were SO nice!)
I’ve never known what it is about the enjoyment of wearing them, and I continue to do so since switching to disposables some 20 years ago. The most I can say is that after more than 60 years, I still love ‘em. The teddy bear designs and snap pants are some that I’ve recently ordered and am now enjoying, along with the overnights in yellow and blue. All are well-made and durable. They’re cute and so am I while wearing them, ha!"

"I want to tell you how grateful and thankful I am for all your help and for all your kindness. I appreciate it so much especially in the time we live in, in this day and age."

"Thank you for taking the time to listen to my request and pursue it. I admire a business person that will go the extra mile."

"Allison, our package arrived today, and we are so pleased. Again, thank you for your kindness. We're just delighted with the product. Just don't know how to thank you enough."

"thank you for the detailed attention"

"I appreciate your patience! Sensitive things like this always are kind of worrisome to wait for, but you've been so kind Allison. We really appreciate it. Thanks for the discretion in shipping."

"Your plastic panties are my favorite and I am glad I have them because I have to wear them 24/7" (Overnight Collector's Edition pants)

"I love the Collector's Edition regular waist, they keep the sheets dry as long as you have a good absorbency underneath. "

"I have purchased and love your products. The plastic Bloomer pants are a new favorite and I use the rubber covers a lot. I have more things to try!"

"I've purchased two onesies with SNAP bottoms I have washed and worn them a handful of times and they are amazing."

"Several years ago, I purchased a few pairs of the Gerber ("Brooks") plastic pants and still have a few pairs. They are pretty decent plastic pants. I also purchased a pair of your Vintage 50's style rubber latex pants and still wear them from time to time."

"So far the best purchase I've made has been the bulky overnight rubber pants, they're an excellent bit of extra protection."

"Tuffy plastic pants are my favorite.They are long-lasting and fit very well"

"Moulded latex pants (#113 Skin Tight Latex Pants) are incredibly stretchy and comfortable, and they are very resitant to tears. They are the only ones that have never torn."

"Brooks plastic pants are great. Your service is excellent thank you"

"I like all your plastic pants. My two most favorites are the Satin Rumba pants and the Crinkle Hearts Snap pants. I prefer the wide soft elastics like you have on the Smoothie Pants. I also like your onesies"

"High rise (overnight) plastic pants with the wide waistbands are the best!"

"Thanks for serving the needs of the community. "

"The clear plastic pants. Just like the ones I wore in my youth. Overall, your products are excellent."

"Clear Double-Layer "RUSTLE" pants and the Krinkle Heart Snap pantswith hearts and plastic snaps. The plastic snaps are fantastic. "

"I love the Reversible Lined Training Pant. Works great over disposables!."

"Your Collector's Edition plastic pants are wonderful!"

"Your classic plastic pants, training pants, prefold diapers are TOPS! If I knew about you 36 years ago when I started I would have loaded up on my stuff a long time ago. You are the Best!"

"My favorite product are the Shimmering PEARL plastic pants, very comfortable, love the wide waist and leg bands."

"I love the Adult Bodysuit Onesie/ Snap suit. Helps me hold everything up at work."

"The "Smoothies" are very comfortable and soft. Will buy more in the future"

"My favorite product is the "Smoothie" diaper cover. Extremely soft and comfortable! Pink and white are my favorites! Also The three onesies I bought lasted me through the winter! Thank you for your great establishment, I love your products!!"

"Love the Flexi-Pant. Whatever is soft and nice against my skin is the best"

"I really enjoy the "Brooks" plastic pants. You have wonderful products! "

"The Daytime Rubber are my go-to pants at the moment. Authentic, and work very well."

"For years, I’ve purchased cloth diapers from Angelfluff Diapers until purchasing the Rearz Prefold diapers from Myprotex - which are the best! "

"My favorite item from your shop was the nursery print plastic pants. They look adorable, and they always make my "baby girl" feel cute and little! They are also great for stopping overnight leaks."

"Plastic pants! You have a good variety at excellent prices, especially when you have sales!"

"Your Baby Bottle and Sippy cup are great. But the real star is that pacifier (FIXX SIZE 10). It's so relaxing and fits perfectly."

"Hi Jeremy! Thank you 😊 for the phone message and the email! Awesome customer service 😀 👏 👌!!! Have a nice day."

"I love your store and your service and I’m glad for what you provide. The covers are comfortable and they last."

(Comfort Smoothies) "This is the first time I actually love the plastic pants. I am diaper dependent for life for bladder incontinence. I love these plastic panties. The leg area is extremely comfortable. No red marks around my thighs. They hug my diaper area very well. The large elastic bands do not cut into your thighs. Most plastic bands are thin and leg area too small. I highly recommend this website for all your customers."

(to Jeremy, our CSR) "Thanks for your customer service; it's a pleasant surprise to do biz with an agent with good comprehension of the range of goods in inventory; and the 'attention to detail', resulting in a concise professional transaction. I need your products; I want service; I appreciate kindness and respect! I have received products from your big name-competition, and I'm happy to reach this heightened satisfaction with Protex! Thank you!"

"Thank You So Much for all that you have done and I look forward to shopping with y'all again within the future"


"You carry great products in the plastic pants area. ...Keep up the good work for all of us plastic pants wearers"

"Very pleased with purchase. They fit perfectly. The delivery was very quick. Thanks"

"Thanks so much for your timely response. I have to compliment your company on the quality of your products. I have never ordered anything like this before...  If I had know about your products, it would have made my life so much easier. Your products are comfortable as well."

"Thank you very much for the extra gift..I was very nice of you. Everything was perfect and will definitely be buying from you again!"

"I am so pleased with your products...These latex pants are going to be awesome."

"I received the replacement item in the mail today. It’s just right! I really appreciate the awesome customer service. Thanks again!"

(Custom order) "The snap lined pants are wonderful: great style and quality product. It did take some time but was worth it."

"You are awesome and I really appreciate your great business ethics and I will continue to shop for a similar item"

"Many many thanks. Your products and service are the best."

"All worked out just fine with the sizing. Thanks for the good help."

"I recommend you folks to everyone. Your products are excellent and prices are very fair.. which we all appreciate. Thank you for all you do!"

"Your rubber products are the absolute most comfortable I've worn... Just received my order from you.. Many thanks for the great customer service and prompt shipping."

"I have mentioned your store through an incontinence support group I belong to, and I have praised both the service, sales and the products you make available! Thank you for having the right product at the right price when I first started with you!"

"I received my order and I am EXTREMELY pleased with my new pants. They are wonderfully smooth, shiny & I just love the babyish look they will present. Thank you!"

"Guys, thank you again for being a business that I not only like buying from, but from the way you have treated me, a business that I would be proud to work for!! Of course I live in AZ and you folks are in TX, so I don’t think that would work out for either of us. The commute would be a drag! If I sound a bit verbose about you folks, please forgive me! It’s because I was so happy to find you folks! I never could find stuff that fit me appropriately that didn’t cost millions of dollars and have to be shipped from Europe or somewhere!"

"Thank you for your help and discretion"

"Thanks for great fast service and quality products, have a good day"

"I am very excited about having these diaper covers and am happy knowing I get to wear them! These are too cute for words, I just adore them! Thank you so much!"

"Hi everybody 🙂 I'm looking forward to doing business you guys are awesome"

"Very fast delivery, I find the medium size a great fit... I expect to place a new order for one or two more pair this coming week."

"We have come to love the nursery prints (Smoothies) as well as the low-cut covers (bikini style)."

"Love the Collector's Edition. Didn't know the enclosed plastic waistband would make such a big difference but it does!"

"My favorite item is the Vintage 50's Latex covers: very well-made, thin rubber latex. Very comfortable to wear and wash easily. Never smell."

"Many thanks! You and yours are the best!"

"I want to thank you personally, and praise your company! I found your website quite by accident when I was looking for incontinent suppliers. I was looking at your selection of plastic pants as I like to provide an extra level of protection when I am out and about. Everything looked similar to what other suppliers provide, but at lower costs. I ordered (some products) with the outstanding assistance of Jeremy. When I got my delivery, I turned around and the next business day I ordered three more of the Adult Training Pants. They were far, far more comfortable, and efficient than the disposables and cloth pull ups that I had been using. I plan on ordering more. I like talking to a real person so my chances of success getting what I want increases! So thank you greatly for doing phone orders! Jeremy is the perfect customer service agent for your company. He covered everything and answered my questions like a real professional. I have worked as a CSR and I can say he is spot on when it comes to taking care of your customer base. .... The products are the best I have found online, the price was perfect."

"I really, really appreciate the care you have given me, and the products you carry! I will certainly recommend you to who ever might need them."

"I like the all day comfort rubber pants. They are comfortable and do not leak"

(to Jeremy, our awesome customer service representative): "Many thanks for your kind to deal with...look forward to the material ordered. Take care and thanks as well for the fine discounts."

"I really find the Tuffy II to be an excellent plastic pant."

"I have appreciated your business for many years and your

"Jeremy called me and we had a wonderful conversation. I learned more about your company... He is definitely a welcome addition to your staff!
I first learned about Protex from your delightful YouTube presentations. You have such a comforting voice. ... You are a small, independent company that is trying hard to establish a profile which offers high quality products with kindness and sincerity. ...just know that I really appreciate your efforts and I will always support you."

"I enjoy wearing very thick cloth diapers sometimes two at the same time during the day. I like snap-on plastic pants to make diaper changes easier for my wife. The louder the plastic pants are the better I feel."

"My favorite product would be the Collector's Edition Overnight plastic cover. The higher waist is great and like all of the covers it is soft, well made and comfortable. Thank you for all of your products"

"I like to wear plastic pants to help stop any possible leaks and to help keep my diaper in position as it gets heavier with each wetting. My purchases have been varied from flex-pants to TUFFY because at different times in the day I have different needs. For example, I might wear flex-pants as a diaper cover out in public to be more discreet and to bed I would wear Tuffy gauge 7 with my diaper to be more confident that I won't wet the bed."

"LOVE! your products and everything about your company. Thank You So Much!!!!!"

"(My favorite product are the) Rubber overnight coverups for bulky cloth diapers. Well made and long lasting."

"Best product is "I Can't Believe it's NOT Gerber." Soft plastic and nice elastic"

"I LOVE! the Tuffy brand. ...Not a single tear or crack even when they are a little more brittle than when they came out of the package. They aren't lying about the Tuffies being "OMG! Tuff!!!!!"

"I Can't Believe it's Not Gerber" covers are WAY! better than the store-bought or other cheap brands that I have bought over the internet."

"I have purchased from Protex over the years, and have never been disappointed. And will continue to buy as the need comes up."

"(the Frost vinyl covers) fit so good both over my night time cloth diapers and day time disposables. I just love your baby wear! Thank you so much!"

"Just plain fun doing business with you.
Thanks so much. Back Soon."

(customer wrote us a poem)

"Wow...order arrived faster than a speeding bullet....
Working with you was kinder than a sister Theresa....
Friendlier and warmer than a polar bear cub....
Products the quality of a Ferrari.....
The generosity of a Bill Gates
And fun discounts that makes ya glow...."

"Greetings, I received my plastic pants yesterday and these are the BEST PLASTIC PANTS I’ve ever purchased! I’ve had and tried many different pants but your Gerber II pants are far the best I’ve ever worn, size was perfect, so smooth and soft, they’re just plain awesome"

"It's like a Christmas present. Just in time on the 24th of December the postman comes and delivers my new collection of plastic panties. I am so happy that it worked out. I wish you and your family and loved ones a wonderful Christmas season, good health and many happy hours. Best wishes and many thanks"

"Hi just a small note to say thank you for my last order it was scheduled for delivery on Monday December 27th but it actually showed up on December 24th. Thank you so much Christmas was even better with the surprise of my order here delivered earlier"

"Just to let you know I have received my 50’s old fashioned rubber pants. I tried them on and they fit just great!! They are more comfy than the old rubber pants I have been wearing and actually enjoy wearing my new rubber pants. Much less bulky and just what what I was looking for. Put them on this morning and they feel so nice and comfy, more comfy than I expected and I just think they are wonderful…….little spendy but comfort is worth it. Nicest rubber pants for daily wear. Just love them. Thanks for making me more comfortable."

"Thanks so much. Feel and look great, very thick rubber and fit. I'm so satisfied with every thing. Thanks. I will only order from your company, very professional." 

"The yellow nursery pants fit great over my cloth diaper. I put on 1 thick diaper and the plastic pants fit great over and no leaks! I slept so good and the bed was dry yeaaaaa!👶 I really love MyProtex.❤"

"You two are probably the nicest and accommodating people I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with for all my adult baby supplies. For years I thought I was the only one out there but the success of your business tells me otherwise.
I’m looking forward to ordering more and wish you continued success in the future."

"I can’t believe nobody sells Gerber adult vinyl pants, like the 60’s. My dream come true!"

"Thanks very much Allison! It’s been a pleasure doing business with you and one I will continue doing. Myprotex is probably the most efficient and ‘personal touch’ customer service experience I’ve always had the pleasure of dealing with!"

"Parcel arrived today! All well packed & safely delivered! Delighted and a 10 % off credit note for another day included! Many thanks for being patient with me & such friendly helpful service, very much appreciated! One Very Happy Customer!"

 "As a retired kindergarten teacher, who is now doing special-needs coordinations healthcare, finding businesses that have the products that I need to make the nursing staff’s jobs much easier; is priceless. As the 32nd caregiver for a family with a 25-year-old autistic son, your products are allowing me to be the last person that they’re going to use who understands their desire for a 'naturalistic and environmentally conscientious products approach' when caring for the certain needs for their son while still maintaining state requirements. 

As you can probably understand by now why I’m very glad that I found your store! ...Thankfully, your site does not cause one to “raise an eyebrow“ and I thank you for your professional business practices and making my job just a little bit easier."

"I just want to say ‘thank you’ for ordering the nursery print plastic pants I had requested! They fit perfectly over my diapers-I love them!"

"I wanted to compliment you on the great job you have done with the site you have really done a great job with pictures of the products and the many other upgrades you have done."

"I received my products and am very happy with the quality"

"I like your website and Allison has been so kind... I just have to stay with your company."

"Just wanted to say that the YouTube videos and product demonstrations are excellent. Thank you"

"I love the [Adult Violet Onesie]. It’s so comfy. I found a bed pad too so I got free shipping!"

"I just wanted to say thank you so much. Your customer service is A+ and 3 Gold Stars. Great job. I will be sure to give shoutout on the NAFC forums too for you and your company. That’s the least I can do for all your help."

"I have been buying from your company since probably around 1989 or 90. Appreciate it and appreciate your company."

"I just received my order and am very impressed with the quality.  The vinyl is great, and this is the first time ever I have tried rubber pants.  Delivery was quick and quality is on point." 

"Y'all have a good product and I needed a specific item that I just knew you would have. I needed to be able to change easily in a public restroom. Snap up plastic pants would make that easier. Thanks again for your great products."

"I like your tough outer packaging. Mail carrier stuffed my box with junk mail and I had to tear to get it out... Luckily your package is a very tough material, and it came out without a scratch. ...Your products are high quality! Thanks for keeping me clean and snug."

"Thanks for the sale and prompt service."

 "Protex Medical is a very professional ABDL company! This a growing small business that has Outstanding quality products and professional five star service, and shipping. I can't say enough about the this company and the owner. Very discreet, patient, with a good knowledge and understanding of the products they sell. This company is personable, and are willing to listen to your needs and fit you with the right products at great affordable prices. I have researched many different companies and found that Protex medical is the best company for: price, service, shipping and Professionalism. I recommend this company for all you ABDL Items and diaper diaper cover needs!!!!EmojiEmojiEmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji "

"...When i go to the mail box knowing i might get my new plastic pants it feels like Christmas morning to me I get so excited!"

"Thanks for your quality plastic pants you supply. I grew up wearing training pants, always covered with plastic pants... I am glad for your business"

"...good to do business with you all, new owners of MyProtex. Keep in touch and definitely keep up your hard work and dedication to your jobs"