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Feedback from Real Customers...

(from our mailbag & edited for customers' privacy)

"I just wanted to say thank you so much. Your customer service is A+ and 3 Gold Stars. Great job. I will be sure to give shoutout on the NAFC forums too for you and your company. That’s the least I can do for all your help."

"I have been buying from your company since probably around 1989 or 90. Appreciate it and appreciate your company."

"I just received my order and am very impressed with the quality.  The vinyl is great, and this is the first time ever I have tried rubber pants.  Delivery was quick and quality is on point." 

"Y'all have a good product and I needed a specific item that I just knew you would have. I needed to be able to change easily in a public restroom. Snap up plastic pants would make that easier. Thanks again for your great products."

"I like your tough outer packaging. Mail carrier stuffed my box with junk mail and I had to tear to get it out... Luckily your package is a very tough material, and it came out without a scratch. ...Your products are high quality! Thanks for keeping me clean and snug."

"Thanks for the sale and prompt service."

 "Protex Medical is a very professional ABDL company! This a growing small business that has Outstanding quality products and professional five star service, and shipping. I can't say enough about the this company and the owner. Very discreet, patient, with a good knowledge and understanding of the products they sell. This company is personable, and are willing to listen to your needs and fit you with the right products at great affordable prices. I have researched many different companies and found that Protex medical is the best company for: price, service, shipping and Professionalism. I recommend this company for all you ABDL Items and diaper diaper cover needs!!!!EmojiEmojiEmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji "

"...When i go to the mail box knowing i might get my new plastic pants it feels like Christmas morning to me I get so excited!"

"Thanks for your quality plastic pants you supply. I grew up wearing training pants, always covered with plastic pants... I am glad for your business"

"...good to do business with you all, new owners of MyProtex. Keep in touch and definitely keep up your hard work and dedication to your jobs"