Shhh! It's a SECRET SALE!

4 times a year, hosts a "Secret Sale" for our subscribed customers. For these sales, a code will be given only via email. The code can be used ONCE per customer. 

Secret Sales may be advertised on, but will NOT include the Secret Code. 

How much can I SAVE during a Secret Sale? Usually the discount will be 25% off your entire order. 

What products can I use the discount on? Any products you like! The Secret Sale is special because you get to choose what to use your discount code on.

I'm a long-time customer, but I don't want to subscribe to the emails! Please call us. Jeremy will be happy to help you over the phone. You can also chat with us on the chat app. 

I hate emails! I don't want any more junk mail! We agree! Junk email is the worst. For our site, we send a sale email every Friday and a follow-up email every Tuesday. ...That's it! 

Do you sell my information? No. By giving us your email you are agreeing to receive emails from us. Not anyone else. Just us. 

But I got an email from you even though I wasn't subscribed! The email you provide when placing an order is simply a way for us to contact you in case there is a problem with that specific order. It does NOT mean you have subscribed to anything. 

Ok, ok. I'm on board. I want to be subscribed. How do I do that? Click HERE to sign up for emails. Please let us know if you do not receive the Secret Sale email and we can get the discount code to you via carrier pigeon (just kidding: email, call, or chat with us). 

I've changed my mind. How do I unsubscribe? No hard feelings! Unsubscribing is easy. At the bottom of our emails you will see text that says "you can unsubscribe from this list." Click there and change your preferences.