Adult Diaper Covers

Adult diaper covers come in a variety of materials and styles! Let's find a material that suits your needs: 

Vinyl Plastic: Leak Protection

Adding a vinyl pant over your existing incontinence wear gives you an extra layer of security. 
Our vinyl diaper covers are re-usuable for many months with proper care.
Great when worn over a Disposable Diaper or a Cloth Diaper!

Rubber: Leak + Odor Protection

Adding a rubber pant over your regular incontinence wear is another great way to prevent leaks.

ALSO, rubber is great for hiding smells due to urinary or fecal incontinence. 

Latex: Compression + Odor Protection

Our latex brief seamlessly holds everything in place.

The leg openings are extremely forward-facing, meaning you have a full-coverage rear area.

Great for smoothing out bulky cloth or disposable diapers.

Overnight: Full-Coverage Protection

A higher waistline gives you more coverage when laying flat or reclining. 

Great over disposable or cloth adult diapers, and available in vinyl material or rubber. 

PUL-lined: Machine Washable + Leak Protection

These are "plastic pants" that don't FEEL like plastic!

This material is waterproof to prevent leaks, but provides breathable comfort year-round.

Care: Machine wash and dry. (Really!)