Collection: Vinyl Plastic Pants for Adults

Why Wear a Vinyl Plastic Pant?

If you wear CLOTH or DISPOSABLE diapers, you know there are leaks. Maybe not ALWAYS and maybe never (if you're lucky). Adding a vinyl pant over your existing incontinence wear just gives you that extra layer security.

"Is my diaper leaking right now?" is a question you will know the answer to... And the answer is: It doesn't matter. Because you have the back-up of a Vinyl Plastic Pant. When you are able to change your cloth or disposable diaper, simply remove the vinyl pant, rinse and wash carefully and air dry. Our vinyl diaper covers are re-usuable for many months with limited effort.

Plastic pants for adults give an extra layer of security over your existing incontinence disposable or reusable cloth diapers. Plastic pants are designed to be worn on top of an existing product, such as a disposable diaper, pad, or cloth diaper. They are waterproof and have a plastic feel with different finishes depending on preferences. These plastic pants cannot be used without another product underneath.

Great for extra protection when worn over a Disposable Diaper or a Cloth Diaper!