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Form-Fitting Latex Pant: ALMOND

Form-Fitting Latex Pant: ALMOND

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Seamless Latex Rubber Cover for a Flawless Fit
  • Helps pads and diapers work BETTER by holding them closer to the body for instant absorption 
  • Prevent embarrassing leaks
  • Reduce sagging
  • Smooth lines, making incontinence garments much less noticeable
  • Reduce noise
  • Natural latex rubber material

These unique seamless latex briefs also make excellent swim briefs as well. Pant should fit snug at the legs to perform adequately for a containment brief in pools.

Those with limited dexterity, poor circulation, or latex allergies should not use this product.

Latex is a natural material and may include natural imperfections from lot to lot. These will not interfere with the function of the garment. 

Check out this video, documenting how these latex pants can be used for SWIMMING:

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