International Shipping

International Orders are only accepted after the International Shipping Agreement is filled out and returned. Shipping is a flat rate fee of $50.

Once you have filled out the ISA, please email us at to place your order. We will need to know the items you want, quantities, sizes, etc. If it is convenient for you, a screenshot is an easy way to do this.  

The International Shipping Agreement must be filled out completely, or your order will not be released for shipping. To access the form, please click here:

Please understand that although we try our best, when shipping an order internationally, there are some things we cannot control. Such as:

PRIVACY IS NOT GUARANTEED: If your order is being shipped outside the US, the contents of your parcel will be listed on the shipping label. This is required to clear customs. has no control over this. 

DELIVERY DATES ARE NOT GUARANTEED: Excessive and unexpected delays with shipping carriers can cause your order to reach you up to 3 months after placing the order. has no control over this.

CUSTOMS FEES ARE NOT UNDER OUR CONTROL: When your package arrives, you may be required to pay import or customs fees that are unpredictable and expensive. has no control over this.  

RETURNS & EXCHANGES ARE NOT ALLOWED: Once an International order has shipped, it is very complicated to have it sent back to us. Any shipping fees must be paid by the sender (the customer) and customs documents must be accurate and attached (by the customer). If any of these items are not correct or are missing, the package will go back to the sender (the customer) and more customs fees may be issued. has no control over this.

As of March 2023, USPS requires more specific customs info on packages to EU countries. CLICK HERE to read more.