TUFFY: The Thick Plastic Pants!

TUFFY: The Thick Plastic Pants!

Sometimes even the best quality disposable diapers aren’t enough to handle the mess that comes with active incontinence. That’s where TUFFY thick vinyl plastic pants come in. While most plastic diaper covers for adults are thin vinyl (2 - 4 gauge thick), Protex Tuffy pants come in 7 Gauge or 8 Gauge thickness. 

Protex TUFFY pants, also known as diaper covers, are plastic garments explicitly designed to offer extra protection for babies’ diapers. The pants are made of a strong but flexible vinyl plastic material that provides a waterproof barrier between the diaper and clothing. TUFFY 7 Gauge Pants are Thicker, while the TUFFY 8 Gauge are the Thickest! Both come in 2 styles: covered elastics and uncovered elastics.

Using TUFFY pants can save you time and money while providing comfort and convenience. For example, the pants will save you from having to change clothes due to diaper leaks since they provide an extra layer of protection. This added layer can also save you from having to do multiple loads of laundry. Using these pants can also provide peace of mind that there are no escaping leaks.

Proper care of your TUFFY Plastic Pants can prolong their life, minimizing the need for replacement. Washing them separately from other clothes in cold water and avoiding the use of fabric softeners can help maintain the plastic's quality and prolong the life of the pants. Avoid the use of bleach or other harsh chemicals, as this can cause damage to the pants' elastics and weaken the plastic.

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