Plastic Pants for Adults

Do they make plastic pants for adults?

Plastic Pants for Adults

Adult Diaper Covers 

Adult diapers come in a variety of materials and styles, including plastic pants.  Adult diaper cover materials can also include Rubber, Latex, Overnight, or PUL-Lined.  Adding a vinyl plastic pant over your existing incontinence wear gives you an extra layer of security. 

Do they make plastic pants for adults? 

Yes - they make vinyl plastic pants for adults - they give an extra layer of security over your existing incontinence disposable or reusable cloth diapers.  

Plastic pants are designed to be worn on top of an existing product, such as a disposable diaper, pad, or cloth diaper.  They are waterproof and have a plastic feel with different finishes depending on preferences.  These plastic pants cannot be used without another product underneath.  

Do plastic pants stop leaks?

Plastic pants stop leaks when worn on top of an existing product, they provide another layer of protection and additional peace of mind.  When you are able to change your cloth or disposable diaper, simply remove the vinyl plastic pant, rinse and wash carefully and air dry. 

How long do plastic pants last?

Protex vinyl plastic pants and diaper covers are re-usuable for many months with limited effort. 

What are the pros and cons of Adult Plastic Pants?


  • They can protect your bedding and clothing from leaks. The waterproof plastic pants are washable, saving you many cycles of drying out the clothes or sheets that could be damaged by urine soaked through to fabric!
  • Plastic pants are perfect for any occasion and will provide you with peace of mind. Whether it be an adventure in the great outdoors or just around town, these waterproof garments can take anything that life throws at them!
  • Plastic pants are a great way to contain odors and can be effective at masking smells. They're also useful if you have leaks from your product, as they will catch any liquid that leaks out!


  • The material is less flexible than cotton, which means it doesn't stretch as much and may restrict movement. 
  • The plastic material may retain heat more than cotton, and can be more uncomfortable in hot climates.

What options are available? 

Protex has a variety of options available, depending on your preferences.  The primary differences are whether or not you want an enclosed waistband, snaps for easy on/off, and how high the waistband is.  There are also options for overnight use with thicker material weight to ensure leaks are contained for extended periods of time.

Protex has a variety of options available -

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