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Protex "I Can't Believe It's NOT Gerber II PINK" Plastic Pants #132

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Product Description:I Can't Believe It's NOT gerber II PINK Plastic Pants." SIZES Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and XXL.

Some sizes may be out. NO BACKORDERS!


This one is as cute as a button and PINK as a calf's nose!

Additional charge for X-Large and XX-large.

This One Is Kin To The One We Sold For Years By The Same Name, But This Is II Or JR., Since It Is An Offshoot From The Old Style. Why Not Try One Today? 

Soft Flexable Material In A Cool Fitting Full Cut Panty Brief. It Has Been 5 Years Since We Produced The Last Of The "I Can't Believe It's NOT Gerber" Plastic Pants From The Originals. How Time Flies, But We Have Continued To Form A Product That Meets The High Standard Of Those Of The Past. Perhaps This Is Our Answer. Protex I Can't Believe It's NOT Gerber II PINK And More Specifically These, like the Greys Are Much More Softer Than The Originals And Are NOT Textured Which Adds To The Softness. This Is A Special Pant You Have Waited For All These Years. 

So Try One Today And When You Do, We Think You Will Be Coming Back For More And More Of Our Great, "I Can't Believe It's NOT Gerber II" PINK Plastic Pants. 

Sizing As Follows For Our Newest "I Can't Believe It's NOT Gerber II" Plastic Pants. 

X-Small: (Waist 18"-26") 
Unstretched 18" Stretched Is 30"
Crotch Width Is 10"
Side Seam 7"

Small: (Waist: 26"-34")
Unstretched 21" Stretched Is 43" 
Crotch Width Is 12" 
Side Seam 9" 

Medium (Waist 34"-42")
Unstretched 25" And Stretched Is 44" 
Crotch Width Is 12" 
Side Seam 10" 

Large: (Waist: 44"-48") 
Unstretched 26" Stretched Is 50" 
Crotch Width Is 13" 
Side Seam 11" 

X-Large (Waist: 46"-52") 
Unstretched 27" And Stretched Is 52" 
Crotch Width Is 14 " 
Side Seam 12" 

XX-Large (Waist: 52"-56") 
Unstretched 28" And Stretched Is 56" 
Crotch Width Is 15 " 
Side Seam 13"


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