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Bulky Overnight Rubber Pant

Bulky Overnight Rubber Pant

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This EXTREMELY BULKY rubber cover is great for OVERNIGHT protection, with a 3-inch higher waist for laying down or side-sleeping. Lots of extra room inside plus a large crotch area is perfect for adult cloth diapers or disposables plus any insert pads or doublers.

Note: Active Sleepers may want to try the High-rise Brooks pant or the High-Rise Overnight Collector's Edition pants instead of rubber, as the vinyl is more durable. 

Rubber is especially useful for masking odors better than a plastic pant and are even suitable for those with bowel incontinence. 

This collection of 100% natural vulcanized rubber pants are hand-sewn and made to order in Canada in small batches. The WIDE (3/4 INCH) elastics are double-stitched at the waist for better durability. Side seams are also hand-stitched featuring a single seam stitching style. 

CARE: Hand wash & hang to dry. Handle with Care: Use caution when wearing and removing as rubber pants have sewn sides.

SIZING: If used over diapers rather than small pads, measure the hip size over diaper. 

(If you usually wear an XL, in this pant, a Large will work. If you usually wear a 2XL, please measure before deciding. The Large may still work.)

Additional sizing notes... 

Crotch Width:

Small (15"), Medium (16"), Large (17")

Length (top of waistband to bottom of crotch):

Small (20"), Medium (21"), Large (23")

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