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High-Waist Rubber Pant: Navy Blue
High-Waist Rubber Pant: Navy Blue

High-Waist Rubber Pant: Navy Blue

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COLOR: Navy Blue (photo shows pink; this is for reference only)

This HIGH WAIST rubber pant for Daytime or Nighttime has stitched 3/8" waist and leg elastics.  Contain any incontinence garment or padding with ease while still feeling confident and leak-free. Rubber is especially useful for masking odors better than a plastic pant and are even suitable for those with bowel incontinence. Compared to the BULKY OVERNIGHT Rubber Pant, these have a thinner elastics and leg openings are smaller.

Made in Canada of 100% vulcanized rubber. 



If used over diapers rather than small pads, measure the hip size over diaper. 

Waist size 27-34 inches; Hips up to 36 inches; Leg openings 5-10"

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