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Fitted Cloth Diaper with Snaps

Fitted Cloth Diaper with Snaps

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NOTE: These tend to run large. Consider going down 1 size if you are not sure.

Hand-sewn and built to last, soft cotton twill.

Diapering is a snap with these ultra-reliable diapers. Designed with both our fully active and low-dexterity customers in mind. A discreet snap-on design allows for secure yet easy changes. The elastic at the waist allows for a comfortable fit.

This product is not waterproof and should be combined with the Silence Pant or other waterproof covering. Can be used as a pull-on once snapped closed, as there is plenty of stretch across the back. Need even more absorbency? Add a smaller prefold diaper or our Cloth Diaper Doublers where you need it most. 

Maximum absorbency with a 10 layer soaker sewn down the center. Outlasts other products that may not be absorbent enough for you. Will stand up to years of washing if cared for properly. 

Great for sensitive skin: These diapers are made to the strict European Oeko-tex 100 Standards in Pakistan. This means NO harmful chemical residues in the finished product. 

CARE: These diapers will stand up to years of washing if cared for properly. Do not bleach. Prewash in hot water with detergent. Machine dry until completely dry to allow for some natural shrinkage for the optimal fit. Wash 2-3 times before use. Please keep in mind these will shrink at least 10% after several washings.

NOTE: These tend to run large. Consider going down 1 size if you are not sure.

SIZING: (waist)

Small 24"-36," saturation capacity 1.25 liters
Medium 30"-44," saturation capacity 1.5 liters (6 cups)
Large 34"-66," saturation capacity 1.9 liters (7 cups)

SIZING: (length unfolded)

Small: 28 inches, 33.5 when fully stretched

Medium: 30 inches, 34.5 when fully stretched

Large: 33 inches, 36.6 when fully stretched

(If you fit into 2 or more sizes, you may prefer the smaller size for daytime use and the larger for night time use.)

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