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Disposable Doubler Pad: Scented Overnight

Disposable Doubler Pad: Scented Overnight

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Multi-purpose Booster Pad + Ease of Disposability

This disposable "booster" pad is perfect for managing odors effectively and doubling the capacity of most brands of diapers. Flow-through fabric on top allows moisture to soak in but keeps your skin dry. A convenient adhesive strip runs the length of the pad to prevent shifting or sagging. Sold as a set of 2 pads. 

Lightly scented and can be used in tab style briefs, pull on briefs, plastic pants, pocket diapers and more.

CAPACITY: 2500 ml (ultra-high capacity)

SIZE: One size, 6" wide x 19" long.

THICKNESS: 1cm thick dry, 7cm thick when saturated. That is 7x the size!

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