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LAST CALL: Daytime Rubber Pants

LAST CALL: Daytime Rubber Pants

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Best for: Odor Reduction & Natural-Feeling Comfort

Rubber garments are very soft, stretchy and the best at reducing odors. Rubber is comfortable and has a skin-like texture for the most natural feel.

A wide crotch, about 8.5" for the Small size and about 10" for the Extra Large size, for maximum coverage. Soft, reliable, and comfortable cloth elastics at waist and legs.

Please note that these rubber pants have a brighter color when wet with water. This can partly remain even after the pant is dry, after they are washed many times, because the powder applied to the surface of the sheeting at the end of manufacturing process is gradually washed off.

SIZING: If used over diapers rather than pads, measure the hip size over diaper.


WAIST min-max (inches) HIPS Max. (inches)


27-34  36
Medium 30-38 40
Large 36-46 48
Extra Large 43-54 59

MATERIAL: 100% vulcanized rubber, Made in Canada by InControl. Do not use if you have allergies to latex.

CARE: To maintain the life of your rubber pant, store powdered, away from sunlight and oils. Machine wash in warm water and hang to dry.

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