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#237-F: (Final Sale) Protex Tuffy II 8 Gauge Pant: FROSTY CLEAR
#237-F: (Final Sale) Protex Tuffy II 8 Gauge Pant: FROSTY CLEAR
#237-F: (Final Sale) Protex Tuffy II 8 Gauge Pant: FROSTY CLEAR

#237-F: (Final Sale) Protex Tuffy II 8 Gauge Pant: FROSTY CLEAR

Protex Medical
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Final Sale: Older Labelling Style means BIG SAVINGS for you! Selected sizes only.

MADE IN THE USA with INNOVATIVE Materials! Our THICKEST vinyl pant!

Most vinyl pants are 2-4 gauge vinyl FROSTY CLEAR plastic. THIS pant is 8 gauge DURABLE and STURDY vinyl material. 

WHY such a THICK pant?

Our customers have found that this 8 Gauge pant can the most withstand the most active nighttime sleeping. The stretchy elastics around the legs move with you to keep everything in place for LESS LEAKS, for a drier morning. Also for fecal incontinence this thicker vinyl holds in odors better than a 4 Gauge pant. 

Why is this pant called TUFFY?

22 years ago we named this pant the "Tuffy" pant simply because of the TOUGHNESS and RELIABILITY our customers were noticing. This is a super-smooth vinyl that is thicker, with cotton elastic UNCOVERED waistbands. (The uncovered waistband gives you extra stretch and comfort.)... For the same product but with COVERED waistbands, see Item #239.

If you love our "I Can't Believe it's NOT Gerber" pant and only wish it was THICKER, this is the pant for you.

This is a full-coverage, bulky fitting brief, built for endurance. The leg openings are forward-facing, meaning there is more coverage across the rear and the crotch area is super roomy for your bulkiest diaper. 

For ultimate leak protection, combine this pant with your favorite disposable or cloth diaper.  Yes, it will fit over a bulky nighttime cloth diaper OR a full-size disposable diaper. 

Now, let's find your SIZE!


Waist Un-Stretched Is 20" And Stretches To 42" 
Legs Stretches To 24" 
Crotch Is 11" Wide 
Side Seam: 10" 


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