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#420: Protex Sanitary Napkin Belt with Metal Fasteners

#420: Protex Sanitary Napkin Belt with Metal Fasteners

Protex Medical
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Trusted for generations. Unisex use.

This belt comes with 2 metal fasteners on a single waist elastic: One to slide to your front, one to slide to your back. Easy to use with Sanitary Napkins. This belt can be used repeatedly with gentle hand-washing as needed. Hang to dry. 

Made to be used with the old-fashioned hospital style sanitary napkins that have "tails." Both are made for heavier days and are used by men or women. Can be worn under any of our Rubber or Plastic Vinyl pants for added security and protection. 


Waist strap is 18" unstretched, 42" fully stretched.

Made of 80% polyester, 10% spandex, 10% nylon.




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