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#360: Prefold Cloth Diaper: LOWER PRICE!
#360: Prefold Cloth Diaper: LOWER PRICE!
#360: Prefold Cloth Diaper: LOWER PRICE!

#360: Prefold Cloth Diaper: LOWER PRICE!

Gary Manufacturing
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(Previously named Gail's Birdseye Prefold Diaper)

Made in the USA! Flat cotton cloth diaper. You fold, you pin, the old-fashioned way! This item has previously been called GAIL'S BIRDSEYE CLOTH DIAPER from Protex in the past. Remember, you get what you pay for. The price of this cloth diaper is reflected in the quality! Trusted for generations of parents for their children, NOW made for YOU as an ADULT. Use with our famous JUMBO DIAPER PINS.

What does PreFold mean? Instead of a flat piece of cloth that is all one layer of fabric, this is a diaper with a PRE-SEWN panel in the center section that is THICKER than the outer edges. The center layer features SIX LAYERS of thirsty 100% cotton in the inner panel. No outer waistbands or elastic, just smooth soft cotton flannel to keep you comfortable and calm your skin. Designed to be worn under a protective outer pant, such as Protex Collector's Edition Pant or I Can't Believe it's NOT Gerber II Pant

Available as a single diaper OR (in size Medium only) a 4-item pack, saving you almost $100!

Making the switch from Disposable to Cloth? The biggest difference is FIT. All bodies are different sizes and different shapes, so why should all disposable diapers fit the same shape? Using diaper pins, you have the ultimate control over how the cloth folds around your leg openings and waist for maximum protection and comfort. Yes, cloth diapers can seem expensive at first. One cloth diaper can withstand up to ONE HUNDRED washings, meaning LESS TRIPS to the store, LESS GARBAGE at your house, LESS GARBAGE in our landfills! You are making a huge difference.

Another advantage to cloth diapers is the plastics and filling in some disposable diapers can be irritating to folks with sensitive skin or skin allergies. Simply wash this cloth diaper in your favorite Sensitive Skin "free" laundry detergent and rashes and itchiness are a thing of the past! 

What is the difference between this (Item #360) and the Nighttime Prefold Cloth Diaper (Item #361)? This cloth diaper is extremely similar, but you will notice the size charts are different. This diaper is a regular fit, which means they run a little smaller than you might order in Item #361. Also they are from two different manufacturers so you might notice a difference in the layers (this item has SIX inner layers in the inner panel, the Nighttime diaper has TEN layers in the inner center panel.)

Why is this Prefold Cloth Diaper so expensive? This cloth diaper has been manufactured by Gary with the highest quality standards on the market. Upon receiving your cloth diaper, pre-wash it 2-3 times for maximum absorbency. The amount this cloth diaper can withstand will shock you! Our side sleeping customers swear by this brand, and can tell it's WORTH EVERY PENNY! 

(Plus, other online sellers list this diaper as $43.50 in size Small, 67.86 in size Large! Compare that to MyProtex Pricing! Wow!!)


Prefold Diaper




20 x 32


27 x 35


35 x 42


43 x 48


Need diaper pins? Check out Item #183!


Prewash in hot water with vinegar.  Machine dry until completely dry to allow for some natural shrinkage for the optimal fit. 

Avoid the use of soaps (not detergents) and fabric softeners as they leave residues that reduce absorbency.  Also use a third to a half of the recommended detergent to reduce soap buildup and irritation.

For best results, presoak in hot water with vinegar for half an hour, run a rinse cycle.  Then machine wash with low detergent and dry as desired.

*Do not use chlorine bleach or enzyme whiteners for maximum life span as they can dramatically reduce the life of the diaper.