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#351: Bulky Nighttime Cloth Diaper with tabs: PINK SHEEP

#351: Bulky Nighttime Cloth Diaper with tabs: PINK SHEEP

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Finally, no folding! No pins! Just velcro on and add a diaper cover! 

Those of you who love the feel of cloth diapers but are tired of dealing with pins or clasps, here is a solution! A cloth diaper that fits like a disposable but feels soft as air and fits like a dream! Reusable and washable!

This is the same design as our popular Bulky Nighttime Cloth Diaper, but with an adorable PINK SHEEP PRINT. The cute little sheep are frolicking on a baby pink background. Little yellow crescent moons are sprinkled around along with wording that reads "fluffy sheep." ...They are indeed fluffy!

These thick and heavy-duty cloth diapers are made of super-soft cotton flannel and are fitted for full-coverage around the rear and waist. They can be used in combination with disposables for increased capacity, added bulk or easy cleanup. Created for nighttime wear, with extra layers of protection for heavy to total incontinence (holding up to 6 cups of fluid). 

These diapers are not waterproof and should be combined with a waterproof cover. Velcro closure holds securely and is easy to adjust. 

When you receive this reusable diaper, please understand that it will shrink about 5% after washing. 

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