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Rearz Nighttime Disposable Diaper: Princess Pink

Rearz Nighttime Disposable Diaper: Princess Pink

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Cute, comfy, highly absorbent, and most importantly, princess approved. It’s what all adorable royalty wear whenever they need a good, uninterrupted night of sleep. Tape on the new and improved Princess Pink overnight diaper and become a pretty princess yourself!

This is an adult disposable diaper with strong double tapes at the top and a very soft inner lining. Suitable for NIGHTTIME USE and EXTENDED WEAR.

  • tall-standing leak guards
  • elastic waistbands (front & back)
  • thick plastic outer
  • 8500 mL capacity
  • reinforced frontal tape "landing" zone (makes re-fastening easy)
  • unscented odor control
  • made in Canada
  • special distribution channel
  • latex free

    WHY ARE THEY SO EXPENSIVE? These are High-Quality disposable diaper and are available for you here at Big Baby Gear so that you can find your PERFECT FIT. When you are ready to purchase 12-pack bags or 36-pack cases, please see the "Rearz" company website at

    Please check the size chart before ordering: 


    Best Fit

    Maximum Fit


    30" to 40"

    26" to 47"


    33" to 42"

    32" to 52"

    Extra Large

    36" to 47"

    33" to 57"


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