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#209: Vintage 50's Transparent Latex Rubber Pant
#209: Vintage 50's Transparent Latex Rubber Pant
#209: Vintage 50's Transparent Latex Rubber Pant

#209: Vintage 50's Transparent Latex Rubber Pant

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#209: Vintage 50's: Transparent Latex Rubber Pant


fetisso Old Fashion Vintage 50’S Rubber Latex Pants.  

Made Of Molded Natural Latex Rubber And Reinforced With Exceptional Waist And Leg Bands. 

Never Worry About A Waist Or Leg Band Coming Unglued. 

MOLDED Latex Leg and Waist bands. The double Molded Waist Bands Give The Rubber Pant An Extra Strength That Has Never Before Been Used And Is A Trademark For The Quality Of This Rubber Pant. The Pant Is Crimped Both At The Waist And Leg Bands To Add To The Retro 50’S Look. Lightweight And Durable. 

Also, If You Wish A Loose Fit And Wear A Diaper Under Them, ORDER THE NEXT LARGEST SIZE! Remember, For Those Of You Accustomed To Wearing Plastic, Plastic Doesn’t Stretch As Much As Rubber, So Order Accordingly. However, These Are Made So The Waist Bands And Leg Bands Are TIGHTER And The Pant Itself Is Made To "Poof" Out, Or "balloon" around The Abdomen. 

this pant is made of .002-.004 THIN TRANSPARENT latex RUBBER! Because Of The Vulcanization Process The thickness of each garment can vary between .002 And .004, Therefore We Cannot Guarantee You Will Get Every Order That Is .002. The Next Order May Be .004. Please Make Note Of This. 


Large (Waist: 36"- 44")

uN-Stretched 28"- Stretched 44" 
Legs Un-Stretched; 17"- Stretched 28" 
Side Seam Un-Stretched 10" 
Fits Hips: 42"-48" 

X-Large (Waist: 42"- 48") 
Un- Stretched 32" Stretched 52" 
Legs Un-Stretched 18"-Stretched 30" 
Side Seam Un-Stretched 
Fits Hips: 44"-50"