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#161: Protex Eurosoft Yellow Snap-On Vinyl Pant

#161: Protex Eurosoft Yellow Snap-On Vinyl Pant

Protex Medical
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#161: Protex Eurosoft Yellow Snap-On Vinyl Pant

This pant is pale yellow and soft to the touch. Made from ultra light (2.4 oz) vinyl. Both legs and waistband are uncovered cloth elastic covered . Extremely forward-facing leg openings with an additional 4 1/2" across the rear before stretched. Four snaps on each side make on-and-off a breeze. 

These pants, because of the way they adhere to the body, are excellent if you do not wish to wear anything underneath. 


*** Side Note: We have ONE pair of these pants withOUT snaps, Size XL only. If you wish to order this ONE pair with NO snaps, Please email us, it would be the same style, size, cost, shipping etc. as #161. Since we only have this one pant it is not an individual product. We would charge you as "#161 with snaps." ****

Sizing notes: In a size Small, measuring from top of leg band across hips to top of leg band: 19" unstretched, 26" stretched. Exceptionally wide crotch (11 1/2" in Small) is wider than the width of our most comparable pant. Also, if you like a tight fit and do not wear a diaper underneath them, order the next smallest size. 

Small Waist 26"-34" 
Waist: Un-Stretched 25" Stretched 44" 
Legs: Un-Stretched 14" Stretched 24" 

Medium Waist 34"-42" 
Waist: Un-Stretched 28" Stretched 45" 
Legs: Un-Stretched 15" Stretched 26" 

Large Waist 42"-48" 
Waist: Un-Stretched 31" Stretched 48" 
Legs: Un-Stretched 20" Stretched 27" 

X-Large Waist 48"-52" 
Waist: Un-Stretched 32"- Stretched 52" 
Legs: Un-Stretched 20"- Stretched 29"