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Protex Lite Blue (Close Out) Rubber Pants #146

  • $ 2188
  • Save $ 1307


Only SMALL and MEDIUM left-

  • Sewn (white, pink, blue and skintone) Rubber Pants cut to the bone….these are CLOSE OUT item folks…..we are discontinuing these at $15.88 ….look at this….unbelievable item numbers of..146, 139, 147, 140

We Are Proud To Announce The Return Of This Great LITE BLUE RUBBER Pant. After So Long, You Now Can Own One Of These. Better Yet, Why Not Purchase A Couple Of Them To Make Up For Lost Time. 

Full Cut And Heavy. Sewn Elastic Waist & Leg Bands And A "Dusty" Blue. They Are A Darker Blue ( But Still A Very Light Blue) Than The Photos Depicts. Now, The Waist And Leg Elastics Are Very Lax, Therefore Order Accordingly. Remember Rubber Stretches More Than Plastic, So Order According. 

Small ( Waist 26"-34") 
Legs: Un-Stretched 12" Stretched 22" 

Medium ( Waist 34"-38" ) 
Legs: Un-Stretched 14" Stretched 23" 

Large ( Waist 38"-44" ) (OUT)
Legs: Un-Stretched 14" Stretched 26" 

X-Large (Waist 44"-52" (OUT) 
Legs: Un-Stretched 16" Stretched 28"

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