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#144: Protex Overnight Rubber LONG BLOOMER Pant: CREAM or WHITE
#144: Protex Overnight Rubber LONG BLOOMER Pant: CREAM or WHITE

#144: Protex Overnight Rubber LONG BLOOMER Pant: CREAM or WHITE

Protex Medical
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Why would this make a great overnight pant? If you are a side sleeper or stomach sleeper, this pant might be just what you are looking for. The longer legs are great for holding in leaks, and can be "bunched up" to be shortened or pulled farther down like bloomers. Also the waistband fits 3 inches higher to stop TOP leakage, plus wider waist and leg bands stop SIDE leakage! No matter which way you toss and turn while sleeping, this LONGER pant will have you covered!

What does this pant feature? 

Hand-sewn, made-to-order waist and leg elastics. "Double Stitched" For Better Wearability. The Side Seams As Well Have Been Hand Stitched. Also known around the world as GUMMIHOSE.

This pant is the same pant as our #145 Overnight Rubber Pant in Cream color BUT has a LONG, BLOOMER-LIKE leg style (covering about 1/3 to 1/2 the way down the thigh).

Why Rubber? Rubber is especially useful for masking odors better than a plastic pant and are even suitable for those with bowel incontinence. A wide crotch, about 8.5" (21cm) for the small size and about 10" (25cm) for the extra-large size, for absorbent pads. If used over diapers rather than small pads, measure the hip size over diaper. Made in Canada of 100% rubber. 

SIZING:  (Note: These rubber pants run extremely large and you might consider ordering 1-2 sizes SMALLER than what you are used to. They are fairly bulky and baggy, meant to fit over a bulky diaper.)

Small: waist 24" to 31" (61cm to 78cm), hips maximum 36" (91cm). 
Medium: waist 29" to 38" (74cm to 96cm) and hips maximum 41" (104cm). 
Large: waist 36" to 48" (82cm to 112cm) and hips maximum 46" (117cm). 
XL: waist 46"-56" (125cm-155cm) and hips maximum 65" (165cm). 
XXL: waist 54" to 72" (137cm to 183cm) and hips maximum 76" (193cm). 


Leg Openings


5" - 10"


5" - 11"


6" - 12"


7" - 14"

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