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Protex Collectors Edition PINK Plastic Pants #119

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 Collectors Edition is now on sale:

X-Large and XXL slightly higher.

These were New For Spring 2006. Our Famous Protex 'Collectors Edition' Plastic Pants Now In Pink. Check It Out! 

We Introduced Our Protex 'Collectors Edition' Line In 2003 In Star White. Yellow Came In 2004 And Clear In 2005. Now, Look What We Have For You In 2006. Soft Pink 'Collectors Edition' Plastic Pant. 

These Plastic Pants Are So Special, They Have Earned The Distinction, "Collectors Edition" And Join Their Three Cousins Introduced Previously. 

Protex 'Collectors Edition' Now Comes In Beautiful Soft Pink. And Of Course All Our 'Collectors Edition' Pants Have Covered Elastics! Made Of Pure Soft Comfortable Protex Eusosoft Pink Vinyl Like Our Traditional Star White Protex Eurosoft Vinyl Panty’s And Made With ¾" Wide Around The Waist And COVERED With Plastic. Double Stitched Waist Bands Make This Pant A Very Well Made Garment Over Any Others. We Have Also Covered The Leg Bands With The Soft Plastic. Each 'Collectors Edition' Brief Is Cut Full Especially Across The Rear Just Like You Like Them And So Soft And Pleasing To The Touch. Each Has Very Forward Facing Leg Openings. Using Size Medium As A Gauge They Weigh 2.9oz Each And Crotch Width In Small Is 11", Medium Is 12", Large Is Over 12", X-Large Is Over 13" And XX-Large Is Over 14". 

Sizing For Protex 'Collectors Edition' Plastic Pants Comes In 5 Sizes; S Through XXL. 

Small: 24"- 34" 
Waist 21" Un-Stretched And 40" Stretched Fits Very Tight On Waist Over 34" 
Legs 14" Un-Stretched And 22" Stretched 

Medium: 26"- 36" 
Waist 23" Un-Stretched And 44" Stretched Fits Very Tight On Waist Over 36" 
Legs 15" Un-Stretched And 22" Stretched 

Large: 36"- 42'
Waist 24" Un-Stretched And 48" Stretched Fits Very Tight On Waist Over 42" 
Legs 16" Un-Stretched And 25" Stretched 

X-Large: 40"- 46" 
Waist 26" Un-Stretched And 50" Stretched Fits Very Tight On Waist Over 46" 
Legs 18" Un-Stretched And 26" Stretched 

XX-Large: 44"- 52" 
Waist 28" Un-Stretched And 52" Stretched Fits Very Tight On Waist Over 52" 
Legs 18" Un-Stretched And 27" Stretched

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