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#113: Protex Skin-Tight Molded Latex Pant: PEACH
#113: Protex Skin-Tight Molded Latex Pant: PEACH
#113: Protex Skin-Tight Molded Latex Pant: PEACH

#113: Protex Skin-Tight Molded Latex Pant: PEACH

Protex Medical
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Super thin Latex at .002! 

This PEACH LATEX cover fits seamlessly over disposable or cloth diapers to hold everything in place. The leg openings are extremely forward-facing, meaning you have a full-coverage rear area. Central, WIDE crotch can accommodate bulky diapers or even incontinence pads. 

This latex pant features a high waist that can be left as is OR cut to suit your desired rise. Because of the seamless latex material, this pant is suitable for bladder OR bowel incontinence, holding in absorbency products AS WELL AS unwanted odors.

Check out this video, documenting how these latex pants can be used for SWIMMING:

Small: 20"-30"
Waist: Unstretched: 24" And Stretched 30"
Legs: Unstretched: 11" And Stretched 16"

Medium: 30"-36" 
Waist: Unstretched: 30" And Stretched 34"
Legs: Unstretched: 14" And Stretched 24"

Large: 36"-42"  
Waist: Unstretched 32" And Stretched 42"
Legs: Unstretched: 12" And Stretched 26"

X-Large: 40" - 46"
Waist: Unstretched: 36" And Stretched 50"
Legs: Unstretched: 16" And Stretched 32"

* NOTE: For Those Of You Who Do Not Wear Anything Under Them: If You Have A 30"-32" Waist, Then The Medium Will Produce A Comfortable Fit On A Waist Of 30"-32" And Snug And Tight On A 34" Waist. The Large Will Fit Loosely On A Waist Under 38 Inches, But Very Good And Comfortable On A 36"- 40" Waist. This X-Large Pant Fits Very Nicely On Waist Of 40" And 46". If You Have A Waist Under 30" It Is Recommended You Order Size SMALL.