Proper Care: Rubber Garments

Yes, Rubber is SPECIAL! This unique material needs extra attention when cleaning. 

Please follow these specific instructions: 

Wash in cold water with a mild detergent. Then pat it down on both sides with a fluffy towel. To continue to AIR DRY the pant, hang on a clothes hanger sideways, allowing air to flow around the pant. You may need to rotate the hanger and this could take up to 24 hours. DO NOT dry in a bathroom or other humid area.

Once fully dried, your rubber pant can powdered with corn starch or an unscented powder (which contains no oils).

Storage: Ideally, keep your clean and dry rubber pants folded in a dry, cool room. Even better, the refrigerator. 

If you will follow these recommendations your garment will last you for many months of contented wearings. If storing in the refrigerator is not possible, at least follow all of the other directions to the letter, otherwise you will be making additional purchases to replenish your supply.

If you can't invest the time caring for a rubber garment, we suggest making your next purchase plastic.