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Proper Care: Rubber Garments

Protex Medical:  Ideal Methods to Care for and Protect Your Rubber Garments

Please follow these specific instructions: A rubber garment must be washed in cold water (or at the very least lukewarm water). Detergent should not be used, but if you must use a detergent then a very, very mild detergent called Dreft will fit the bill. To dry: first pat it down on both sides with a fluffy towel. Then it must be left to dry 24 hours by hanging with a clothes hanger using the hanger front to back inside the pant and turned a minimum of 6 times. Do not leave garment to dry in the shower or bathroom. 

All of this should be accomplished in a building of 72 degrees or cooler. Preferably with climate control and humidity control. Lastly, once fully dried only now can the garment be powdered with corn starch or an unscented powder which contains no oils. Then it can be neatly folded and placed in a refrigerator with a controlled temperature of 45 degrees. If not in a refrigerator then placed in a glass jar with a tight lid. Only then can you be assured your garment will meet the proper requirements of care, thus affording the wearer many contented happy uses.

If you will follow these recommendations your garment will last you for many months of contented wearings. If storing in the refrigerator is not possible, at least follow all of the other directions to the letter, otherwise you will be making additional purchases to replenish your supply.

Also: when we hear of complaints about a rubber garment going bad, we can look at that garment and immediately tell whether or not it has been cared for. When the properties of rubber begins to break down the garment begins to fade or actually change colors. When we receive a garment back from a customer and that garment has changed colors or faded, we know immediately the garment was not cared for properly and was misused.

If you can't invest the time caring for a rubber garment, we suggest making your next purchase plastic.