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Fit & Measure Flat Padded diapers

Protex Medical Inc.,
Flat Padded Pre-Fold Cloth Diapers

We have Two Sizes Available:
Small/Medium: 27” x 35” = 68.6 cm X 88.9 cm
Large/X-Large: 35” x 42” = 88.9 cm x 106.7 cm

Consider Your Sizing:

  1. Measure your waist and add 12” to the measurement. Next, divide the number (waist size plus 12”) by two. The size you get is the minimum width which you need (the width is the first number in the equasion). Be sure and choose the size with the next highest width.
  2. Measure the length through the gusset (crotch) from the front to the back. Now add 3”which is 7.6 cm to this measurement. The number you get is the next minimum length you will need. Now choose the size with the next highest length.
  3. An example of this: If your waist is 44’’ and the measurement from front to back through the crotch is 32”, here is what you get. Width: (44+12= 56” divided by 2= 28” Length: 32+3= 35

    With these figures in hand, the minimum diaper you would wear would be a MEDIUM Protex Flat Pre-Fold Cloth Diaper. If the length had been 37”, then you would need to wear size large/X-large.