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#176: Absorbent Training Pant: CREAM

#176: Absorbent Training Pant: CREAM

Protex Medical
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This Cream-Ivory Colored Training Pant, manufactured by AC Medical, in Canada, is made of 100% cotton flannel and very soft to the touch. There are extra layers of absorbent fabric in the front, as well as in the rear. For light to moderate urine loss, this pant would be ideal on a light day or even for extra protection over a disposable incontinence product. Basically the same as a cloth diaper that you can pull on and pull off as you would regular underwear.

Best of all, this pant looks and feels like smooth cotton underpants against your skin, with no "crackle" noises like vinyl pants or diapers, giving you discrete coverage. 

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Available in Small Only at this time:

waist 28" (unstretched) to 42" (stretched), hips maximum 44"