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#114: Protex Pink Molded Latex Pant
#114: Protex Pink Molded Latex Pant

#114: Protex Pink Molded Latex Pant

Protex Medical
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(This Pant is No Longer in Production.)

Super thin Latex at .002! Color in photo is a little dark. True color of the pant is a creamy bubble gum pink tone. 
Made Especially For Those Of You Who Want EXTREME FORWARD FACING LEGS.

Wide crotch accommodates bulky diapers.  Features a high waist that can be cut to suit desired rise. This is wonderful for making a diaper more smooth and discreet during the daytime and suitable for both bladder and bowel incontinence as it really helps hold in the smell.


Small: 20"-30" 
Waist: Unstretched: 24" And Stretched 30" 
Legs: Unstretched: 11" And Stretched 16" 

Medium: 30"-36" 
Waist: Unstretched: 30" And Stretched 34" 
Legs: Unstretched: 14" And Stretched 24" 

Large: 36"-42" 
Waist: Unstretched 32" And Stretched 42" 
Legs: Unstretched: 12" And Stretched 26" 

X-Large: 40" - 46" 
Waist: Unstretched: 36" And Stretched 50" 
Legs: Unstretched: 16" And Stretched 32" 

* NOTE: For Those Of You Who Do Not Wear Anything Under Them: If You Have A 30"-32" Waist, Then The Medium Will Produce A Comfortable Fit On A Waist Of 30"-32" And Snug And Tight On A 34" Waist. The Large Will Fit Loosely On A Waist Under 38 Inches, But Very Good And Comfortable On A 36"- 40" Waist. This X-Large Pant Fits Very Nicely On Waist Of 40" And 46". If You Have A Waist Under 30" It Is Recommended You Order Size SMALL.