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Eurosoft CLEAR Training Pant

You're busy. The holidays are almost here and your life is hectic. Looking to simplify things? We just wanted to call your attention to this fantastic ALL-IN-ONE pant. If you normally wear an incontinence garment under your vinyl plastic pant, here's a way to streamline things. Maybe you love the feel of soft flannel but don't like the extra bulk of a cloth diaper? Maybe you don't want to hassle with diaper pins? Or maybe you're just looking for a change. 

Our Protex Eurosoft Training Pant in CLEAR might just be what you're looking for. This super-soft vinyl pant has uncovered waist and leg elastics and is fully lined with clean white flannel. Worn alone, it's a comfortable pant. Worn over another incontinence garment, it's an extra layer of protection. Either way, you can feel clean and confident with Protex on your side!