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#360: LAST CALL... Daytime Cloth Diaper
#360: LAST CALL... Daytime Cloth Diaper
#360: LAST CALL... Daytime Cloth Diaper

#360: LAST CALL... Daytime Cloth Diaper

Gary Manufacturing
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only $17.95... BEING DISCONTINUED... limited quantities! 

Flat cotton cloth diaper. You fold, you pin, the old-fashioned way! Trusted for generations of parents for their children, NOW made for YOU as an ADULT. Use with our famous JUMBO 3" DIAPER PINS.

This is a diaper with a PRE-SEWN panel in the center section that is THICKER than the outer edges. The center layer features 6 LAYERS of thirsty 100% cotton in the inner panel. No outer waistbands or elastic, just smooth soft cotton flannel to keep you comfortable and calm your skin. Designed to be worn under a protective outer pant, such as Protex Collector's Edition Pant or I Can't Believe it's NOT Gerber II Pant

What is the difference between this (Item #360) and the Nighttime Prefold Cloth Diaper (Item #361)? This cloth diaper is extremely similar, but you will notice the size charts are different. This diaper is a regular fit, which means they run a little smaller than you might order in Item #361. Also there is a difference in the layers (this item has SIX inner layers in the inner panel, the Nighttime diaper has TEN layers in the inner center panel.)

Material: 6 layers of 100% cotton flannel in the center panel, 4 layers in outer panels.

Upon receiving your cloth diaper, pre-wash it 2-3 times for maximum absorbency. 



20 x 32 inches


27 x 35 inches

LARGE 35 x 41 inces