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Our first blog!

Posted by Bert Brooks on

Thanks for dropping in for a visit. We appreciate company and we appreciate you. This being our very first blog we wondered what to say.

Where to begin? Where indeed!

Let's begin in the beginning for in those days we were just getting our feet wet and wondered what this was all about? Could we learn the product? Where would we find our customers? And if we found one, how could we keep him? Could we make a living at this? Where would we find manufactures? How much would all this cost?

So as you can see we had many more questions than answers.

Actually, we had no answers.

Some way, some how, you answered all those questions and more, for you our friends, taught us the product how and where to purchase, who would be interested and how to market the finished product.

Now, it's almost a quarter century later and we are still at it. Some of the things we have learned is how to lose money and on occasion how to make a few coins, for after all, "a blind hog will find an acorn every now and again!"

Look in each week, for this is the place to find what deals we have for you, when the sales will be or when we will be giving FREE Shipping to our USA customers.

Lastly, a speaker or a writer knows when to sit or put his pen down, therefore, we are keeping our first blog short. However, we will do this again and again just in case we have anyone out there that would like to peruse our business. Besides, we owe all of you a debt of gratitude, first for putting us in business and next in keeping us in the business way.

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