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What is this new-fangled "SEZZLE?"

Now when you go to checkout, you can pay via "Sezzle" which means your total payment gets split into 4 equal chunks. For example, if your order was $40, you would be charged $10 on the day of your order, and $10 once a month after that until the total is reached.  

Do I need a new credit card? No. The first time you use it, Sezzle will take you to their website. Make a (free) account for yourself and pay with your CREDIT or DEBIT card. Sezzle uses your credit card and saves it, so they can charge you in chunks instead of all at once. 

Does Sezzle affect my credit score? No. Your credit score is not affected unless you do not make the monthly payments. 

Am I charged interest? No. It's just 4 payments over 4 months. 

If I pay via Sezzle, when will my order ship? Your order ships on the day you place the order. Sezzle pays us at the full $40, so you receive your order sooner. 

What if I want to pay it off faster? Remember that $40 order? Let's say you pay $10 the first month and then "There is a Bank Error in Your Favor" and you now have the $30 to pay off the rest. Simply go to the Sezzle site and click the button to pay the remaining balance. Done!

Want more info on Sezzle? Scroll all the way down to the bottom of our site. You will see this:


Click on "How to Use Sezzle."

Then you will see this: 

And here's what it looks like at Checkout: 


Simply click on Sezzle instead of Credit Card. The great thing about Sezzle is it allows you to use a Credit OR Debit Card. 

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