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Importance of the Leg Measurement

When finding your size on our size charts, we always suggest to use a tape measure to find your leg/thigh size first, then look at the waist. The #1 place for incontinence leaks: LEG OPENINGS. Here's an example... 

I had a caregiver wondering what was the best way to prevent nighttime leaks. Upon questioning them further, they revealed that their patient had a situation where one leg is larger than the other. 

Knowing that "fit is everything," I realized that this person should NOT be wearing a pull-on style diaper! With a pull-on style, the 2 leg openings are the same size! 

To have the perfect fit, I suggested trying a disposable or cloth diaper with SIDE closures, thus ensuring the individual legs could be wrapped to their own specific size. This way leaks are avoided, and everyone sleeps happier.