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Getting Started with Cloth

Switching from disposable diapers to cloth can be scary. You might be concerned about how to wash your cloth diapers properly or cleaning them. You might notice the cost and think, is switching really worth it? 

Just think of all the waste you can save by laundering and reusing your cloth diapers. During this uncertain time, you may not be able to make it out to the supermarket to purchase disposable diapers. Maybe you want to do more for our planet by cutting back on waste.

Whatever your reason, "going cloth" doesn't have to be scary!  

We offer 3 basic cloth diaper styles here at MyProtex. 

On the descriptions, you will notice numbers like 4-10-4. Both #360 and #361 are "Prefold Flat" cloth diapers. This means that the diaper material is divided into thirds. The outer panels are thinner, the inner panel is thicker. So 3-8-3 would mean 3 layers of cotton fabric in the outer panels, with 8 layers in the center thicker panel. 

Prefold diapers need Diaper Pins: we have small and jumbo sized!

Read also: How to launder your cloth diapers for simple solutions. 

AND just like with Disposable Diapers, you might like a COVER "just in case!"