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Disposable Diapers at MyProtex

At Protex Medical we know you care about feeling confident and dry. Disposable diapers are great for many reasons. There are whole aisles at stores devoted to the various brands and styles of disposable adult diapers. 

But have you noticed? The disposable diapers we sell here at all have wrap-around tabs, and are not the pull-on style. This helps with leg fit AND waist fit, giving you the best, most PERSONALIZED coverage possible. When the diaper fits YOUR body, you're free to think about YOU! Not your incontinence. 

Shop our variety of disposables here:

... And if you are wondering, our #1 Bestseller is #312, the Elite. Customers love it for the LONG-WEARING, day or night comfort. AND the landing pad in the center so you can re-adjust the tabs as many times as you want. Now available in bags of 12. (