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A Little Training on Training Pants

Here at we have a variety of pants we call "Training Pants." But you might be wondering "What IS a Training Pant, and WHY would someone wear them?" You might also be wondering, "How am I supposed to choose? There are 5 different kinds!"

Most of our Diaper Covers are made from vinyl plastic, rubber, or latex. The inside material of the pant is the same as the outside material. Training Pants are different because the INSIDE of the pant is cotton or flannel, and feels smooth against the skin.

What are the different ways to wear Training Pants?

  • Alone: no disposable or cloth diaper underneath, best for mild incontinence, for someone who wants that "just in case" protection. OR: When being used to actually TRAIN yourself or someone else to be toilet-trained. Training pants are good for this because you FEEL the wetness immediately as the absorption is minimal. 
  • With only a pad inside: best for someone who uses an incontinence pad for the crotch area, and wants the feel of smooth cloth underwear everywhere else. Also best for mild to moderate incontinence, depending on the size of the pad. carries 5 different styles of Training Pants. How are they different? 

#174: Protex Adult Training Pant: White: This is a traditional training pant that you might remember from childhood, or you may have used them on your children as a parent for potty-training. Made of smooth cotton, they have no poky seams and feature a super-thick cotton core in the crotch area, from front to back. Simply wash and re-use. While these training pants can hold almost a whole bladder's worth of liquid, they are NOT waterproof on the inside or outside. Adding a vinyl or rubber cover would be recommended. 

#175: Rearz Brand Adult Training Pant: Rebel Skull Print: Same features as #174, this time with a rebellious skull print in bold black and white. Machine washable.

#177: Protex Eurosoft Clear Training Pant: This training pant features clear and flexible vinyl plastic on the outside, and white cotton flannel lining the inside. These work well for those with mild incontinence, as the outside is waterproof. Incontinence pads or even diapers can be worn with this pant to provide more absorbency. (The flannel lining the inside is ONE layer thick, same thickness all over, not meant to absorb a large amount of liquid.) Also if this helps: Same as "I Can't Believe it's NOT Gerber" Pant, with a cotton flannel lining. Hand wash, air dry only. 

#178: Eurosoft White Training Pant: Same features as #177, this time with a WHITE vinyl plastic outside. Inside lined with same white cotton flannel as #177. Hand wash, air dry only. 

#179 Gary Brand Active Brief: Made from high performance PUL (polyurethane laminated polyester) so they are soft but still waterproof. Perfect for those with all levels of incontinence, depending on what you wear underneath. Light incontinence, wear over your regular underwear to provide a leak-proof barrier. Moderate-severe incontinence, wear over a disposable or cloth diaper to provide a leak-proof barrier of extra protection. Machine washable, tumble dry low.


.... Hope this information helps! Stay dry out there! ~Allison @ MyProtex