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Item # 223

Protex Adult Terry 8 Layered Training Pants

New for summer 2008!

Our new Protex Adult Cotton Flannel/Terry Training Pant is great for daytime or overnight use. We have layer upon layer of thick thirsty terry cloth and cotton to make an incrediatable 6 layers of protection that you cannot believe until you experience it. Two inner panels of terry (IT'S WHAT YOU CANNOT SEE THAT GIVES YOU THE PROTECTION YOU NEED) with 4 cotton flannel layers over. None of our other pants can make this claim.

In the center there are 4 layers of cotton flannel and 2 additional layers of terry (underneath the cotton flannel) to give you a combination of secuity unsurpassed in the industry. Added to this are 2 layers outer of cotton flannel. 8 layers total.

Security and comfort.

Want even MORE security? Try one of our thick and thirsty Insert Pads, items 226 & 227 and get an additional 8 layers to give you that "stacked" feeling. 16 layers? I guess so.

Are you wearing a Protex?

Sizes available: Medium & Large.

Medium ( 32"-38" )
Waist unstretched: 24" and Maximum stretched 44"
Legs: unstretched: 17"
Legs: Stretched: 25"
Crotch width: 12"

Large: (38"- 44")
Waist: unstretched: 26" and Maxium stretched: 48"
Legs: unstretched: 18"
Legs: Stretched: 27"
Crotch width: 12"



** Please read product details for available sizes if size applies to this product.