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Protex Original Adult Diaper Pants

Protex Original Diaper Pants are here! These are made for all of you that have waited so long for this particular promised garment. Now the wait is over and you can have one at this great introductory price. Made of 100% Cotton Flannel and padded not once, but twice. The 4 layers of padding is made high on the waist and then extra padding is sewn and double stitched into the very wide crotch. Sewn in and cross stitched diagonally to ensure extra stability. The wide 3/4" waist elastic is both durable and comfortable. The color is an off white or vanilla. No padding is on the sides. Made for moderate incontinence and is very suitable under plastic pants such as our Snow White Smoothies or TUFF BABY and BIG BABY Plastic Pants.

So, wear these under plastic or rubber pants or even OVER a pin on cloth diaper or disposable diaper. Be inventive. Be innovative and wear these however you like, but wear them you must. Why not add a couple to your wardrobe today!

Sizes Medium, Large and X-Large.

Waist: Unstretched: 24" and Stretched is: 42"
Legs: Unstretched: 14" and Stretched is: 28"
Crotch Width: 11"
Side Seam: over 7"

LARGE: (Waist 34"-52") (OUT)
Waist: Unstretched: 30" and Stretched is: 54"
Legs: Unstretched: 16" and Stretched is: 32"
Crotch Width: 11"
Side Seam: over 9"

X-LARGE: (Waist 44"- 68") (OUT)
Waist: Unstretched: 40" and Stretched is: 68"
Legs: Unstretched: 22" and Stretched is: 40"
Crotch Width: 14"
Side Seam: over 9"

SALE! $19.99
Retail: $59.95


** Please read product details for available sizes if size applies to this product.